Ch.21 Oath of the Brotherhood part 1

Month:12  1th  15  day 1200 AD Time: 21 hours

Entrance Exam Room

During Telepathic link, ” I am glad your alright. Based on your voice, it seems like you managed to have a fruitful hunt. Just come here in the entrance exam room. See you soon.”I sigh, ” He is on his way. He will be here in fifteen minutes.”

Darco laugh, ” It seems like I lose,” Draco flicked his finger and 5 small gold appeared on his hand and gave it to the mysterious guy, ” Thank you! I told you he will survive! So what do highest rank of rabbit you think he will be able to kill?”

Solaris raised his right hand and said, ” If he manage to kill a rank C alone then his highest rank kill will be rank B.” Lunaris nodded, ” I am with my brother. Even today, me and my brother have difficulty in killing rank AA rabbit, how much more when he is just alone.

Mimi and Kuru look at each other then Kuru hesitantly said, “Mimi and I believe that he can kill at least rank A alone.” Lunaris raised her brows, ” I doubt about it” Kuru became scared and look down. Lunaris felt guilyt and pet his head then he wagged his tail.

Aura knock and enter the room. Rita bowed and smile. Aura frowned, ” is there something wrong?” Rita shook her head, ” We were just guessing on the highest rank that Ajak may be able kill in the forest of silence.”

Mysterious mask guy glanced towards Aura, ” what do you think pointy ear? Aura stared towards the masked guy then she sigh, ” I don’t know. I can’t read him,” Everyone was shocked including Drek.

Drek was the first one who recovered, ” your eyesight talent is not working?” Aura grab the nearest chair and sigh, ” yes, it did not work on him. Although, its not the first time.” The mysterious mask guy grin, ” just as I thought. I was surprised that you provoke him few months ago.” Renan was shocked, ” Huh? I thought that was your attitude?” Aura smile, ” It is part of my attitude but not that extreme. Remember that  my affinity is miracles and Ice which attuned to clarity than chaos.

” Renan tilted, ” how does your eyesight work?” Aura casually respond, ” it allows me to approximately gauge how strong the person is. If I use my eyesight to one person now, it might have a different result by tomorrow. The problem with  Ajak is my eyesight stop immediately. It seems like he have the ability to counteract my talent. ”

Renan glance towards the mask guy, ” How did you know that Aura have an eyesight talent?” The mysterious mask guy smile, ” Draco, Rita, Aura and I were given a tasked by Drek a year ago. By using  her talent, we were able to destroy the based of the Blood Fang cult.” Renan gritted his teeth upon hearing the said cult then his eyes become sad. The masked guy frown behind his masked, ” Are you alright?” Renan faked smile, nodded and focus his attention towards Drek.

“So based only in your gut feeling, what is the highest rank that he killed?” Rita was asking Aura. Aura closed her eyes, ” My guess would be rank A if his alone.” Rita turn towards Renan, ” What about you?” Renan cleared his throat, ” Mine would be rank AAA.”

Drek smile, ” what is the basis that you think he can kill a class AAA? Even my guessed would be rank A and maximum would be AA.” Renan looked towards the ceiling and said, “I was with him when he killed the rank C. Remember, he was still level 0 back then. His swordsmanship is filled with deftness. Not just that, what I am surprised was his calmness.”

Drek nodded then a lady lizard came inside hurriedly and panic, ” Drek, you need to go to the trading hall. Garrel, is making trouble our appraiser Lenid.”

Renan stand up and run towards the trading hall. Drek hastily folowed Renan. He knows the relationship between Lenid and Renan. Renan treated Lenid as his father.

Aura sigh, ” Like master ,like follower.” She stand up and followed everyone.

When Drek arrived at the trading hall. Renan was already on the ground. He was restrained by the two subordinates of Garrel. Derek ran towards Renan’s direction, ” Garrel, you are not allowed to kill any members of the guild, that is a golden rule.” Garell smirked, ” and also any handler can’t interfere. Besides, according to the guide manual I can’t kill him but it does not mean that I can’t break some of his bones.” He stomp on its foot and Renan is forcing itself to get away, “No!” Lenid was crying for pain.

Draco flicked his finger and a two handed axe appear on his hand.  Garrel laugh, ” Its been awhile Draco.” then he look at the masked guy, ” Oh! your pet still alive?  Aura shouted, “Unless you want your clan and our clan to have war Draco, put your axe away.” Draco glared towards Aura then the mysterious masked guy tap his back.

Aura walk towards Draco’s position then she looked at Garrel,”Better stop this nonsense Garrel. Others may not be able to stop you but I can. ” Garrel laughed,” You can? How can a slut command me? I am the son of the 4th elder. Even if you are the daughter of the 3rd elder still everyone knows that your adopted!” Aura’s face become gloomy. It is true though. I don’t really have much power to the clan. I maybe able to contest with other women but not in men unless women in our clan reach the maturity of 2000. That would take me several years.

Kuru smile, ” his here!”

“Can you unrestrained Renan.” I said it calmly. I was 25 meters away from them. I went to the entrance exam room but I saw no one. The door   connected to the trading hall from the inside was locked so I got out and used the outside entrance near the stable area.

Garrel,” who the fuck are you?” I raised my left brow, ” I’m with Drek. Care to tell me why you inflict pain to that person” as I pointed Lenid. Gareth smirk then he scan me from my foot to my head and he said, ” Cheap armor….such pauper!  If this stupid scholar can’t see the difference, how much more you?”

Renan gritted his teeth, ” he is not stupid!”

I smile and said,” you might be surprise,” Garrel glared at me then he uses his skill on the pouch and hit my face. He laughed and said, ” This maggot here is telling me that, that is a night flower. I am positive that, that is a nightmare flower.

The moment I open the bag and I can already Identify what it is and just to male sure I check the back of the leaves.

I read this information from the botany book in the library.  Both flower looks like the night blooming cereus in my old world but instead of white petal both have neon yellow. It looks like lamp at night. Both of the flowers only bloom at night.

The price also are different because of their usage. The night flower can be used as an insect repellent and it is one of the common flower found in the night garden of Calum and dark garden of Calum, just east from here.  On the other hand the nightmare flower is one of the ingredient to be use in Despair potion and some paralytic type of solution. The nightmare flower can be found only within the dark garden.

For prices, night flower is just 5 small silver coins per 15 pieces of full bloom flower on the other hand the nightmare flower’s price is 1 small gold coin.

I throw the pouch towards Garrel’s face  with gust spell as a support but he managed to catch it before it hit his face.



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